Working with the Forces of Nature

  • The Subhub uses its unique submerged, stability characteristics to safely install an array of tidal turbines.
  • The solid ballast payload required to keep the structure firmly anchored to the seabed during operation is neutralised by the powerful buoyancy forces.
  • This allows smaller, less specialised, commonly available vessels to install Subhub along with an array of turbines quickly and safely and in one offshore operation.
  • Neutral ballast tanks are flooded by opening valves in the bottom of the hull and venting from the top of the tank. This puts the Subhub into the dive condition.
  • When on the seabed and the Operations Manager is happy with the location and orientation then the remaining tanks are flooded to take on its carefully calculated on-bottom weight.
  • Once fully ballasted on the seabed, Subhub can produce power on the 1st tide.

Subhub in the neutrally buoyanct condition waiting for our Ops Manager to push the button to start the descent to the seabed.

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