Subhub Selected for WATERS3 Full Application

The Subhub tidal foundation platform has been selected by Scottish Enterprise, TSB and the Carbon Trust to submit a full application for WATERS 3 funding by the end of May. The 3rd stage of this funding program from Scottish Enterprise will invest up to £6 million. It has already invested £14.8 million in the first two stages benefiting projects such as, OceanFlow’s, EvoPod,

The WATERS 3 application will be submitted by QED Naval, marine renewable energy consultancy, and will involve operational testing of large scale models of the Subhub in tanks, sheltered coastal waters and then offshore open water, tidal conditions. This funding is design to take the Subhub through the demonstration stages looking at more of the practical issues associated with the deployment of community scale tidal turbines including planning and consents. With this support we envisage will be deployed in community scale projects by early 2017.

The target market for the Subhub is large commercial scale turbines (1MW turbines), which typically weigh 150 tons, with controllable pitch rotors such as Andritz Hydro Hammerfests HS1000 and Voith Hydro’s turbines. It is most suited to shallow water installations in less than 50m of water where its hull fairing works best to optimise the output from the tidal turbines.

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