SMART Move for R&D Funds

We recently re-submitted our application for Scottish Enterprise, SMART R&D funds to support approximately £470k of the £1.75m project costs of Subhub demonstration phase. We hope to find out in the coming weeks whether our application is successful.

This funding would support the next 2 years worth of development on the Subhub tidal platform where the major milestones include: 

  1. Tank testing to validate the prototype design and assess the extreme loading events that we could expect during the offshore tidal testing;
  2. Conformation of the Subhub’s performance aspects regarding the large increases in power output using a demonstration turbine;
  3. Completion of the detailed design of the large scale prototype and production outputs;
  4. Build, outfit, launch, commission and test of the Subhub prototype;
  5. Transportation and installation at an offshore tidal test facility (EMEC, Orkney);
  6. Completion of 3 months trials in real offshore tidal conditions;

The completion of this demonstration phase will pave the way for community scale projects of up to 1MW using 7 Subhub units that provide the electrical conditioning and transmission equipment to daisy chain 20 x 50kW devices together.

Subhub is aimed at the larger commercial scale devices of 1MW and above because that is where it stands to show its greatest benefits since Subhub replaces the large, specialist vessels that are typically used to install these devices. This is just one of the many features on Subhub that are required to provide a step change in the costs of deployment that the industry needs in order to become more commercial viable. 

Resources, facilities & test sites for the Subhub demonstration phase.

Resources, facilities & test sites for the Subhub demonstration phase.

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