QED Naval Launch Subhub Community Demonstrator Website

QED Naval have launched this new and exciting website to promote the Subhub Community Demonstrator (SH-CD) and to keep stakeholders and local communities informed with the latest developments in our test programme and provide a platform for everyone to provide feedback on our work.

The SH-CD is currently situated within Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland, working with local marine contractors Cuan Marine to test the performance of its ballast system. The trials have been very successful and have demonstrated the Subhub’s seamless installation and recovery process.

Local community groups such as Portaferry Past and Future have taken a keen interest. QED Naval have been working closely with local planning authorities DAERA to ensure the impact of trials are respectful to the test site’s ecology and beneficial in terms of economic output of local tidal energy supply.

We would welcome feedback on our project so please feel free to leave your comments using the link at the foot of this website.

We are currently raising funds for the next stage of the project which is to conduct long term submergence trials on the Subhub tidal platform to feed into an Operations and Maintenance strategy for the Subhub. We will also be monitoring the environmental impact of the Subhub on the seabed and the area around it.

The company plan to purchase a tidal turbine and fit it to the Subhub for performance trials to validate claims of up to 50% more energy yield from a tidal sites. This is clearly site dependently but it is expected to validate the company’s projection using their tidal modelling software called TWEET (Tidal and Wave Energy Evaluation Tools).

QED Naval have requested sample power data from a couple of local businesses in Portaferry so we can get a sense of the area’s energy requirements. The aim is to potentially help the community move towards the net zero CO2 targets being set by the government.

Subhub in its transit condition at the surface preparing to be installed on site.

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