Easily Recovered for Maintenance

  • Subhub is recoverable to the surface by pumping out the seawater ballast tanks.
  • Maintenance is performed at the surface and can be conducted over extended periods of the tidal cycle.
  • It is expected that maintenance will be unrestricted on the neap tidal cycle when the tidal flows are at there slowest.
  • Pressure hulls are located in the top portions of the Subhub hull on both the port and starboard sides.
  • Access hatches into the pressure hulls allow quick maintenance operations to be carried out at the surface.
  • Decommissioning is simple and conducted in a similar manner to maintenance but includes reeling in the mooring lines to leave the site with hardly a trace that Subhub was there.

Subsea Manifold on deck of the installation barge which acts as a remote control unit for the Subhub.

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