Deploying Our Renewable Obligation

Subhub Tidal Platform

Subhub aims to reduce the cost of deployment of tidal turbines by installing an array of tidal turbines in a single offshore operation using small, low cost support vessels. It’s carefully developed hull form accelerates and steers turbulent flows into the turbines generating more power.

The other key features and benefits include:

  • Commissions and tests all systems ashore for safety, lower cost and better reliability;
  • Transports a fully integrated array of turbines to the tidal field using low cost vessels;
  • A single dry mate connector to export power from 3 turbines reducing cable costs;
  • Installs the turbines ready for operation within 1hour ;
  • Secures the turbines to the seabed during operation using a gravity based system;
  • Significantly increases the power output and energy yield by up to 40%;
  • Reduces the velocity shear profile reducing loads on the gear box and bearings;
  • Low sensitivity to cross flows reducing the complexity and cost of the tidal turbines;
  • Quickly and easily retrieves the turbines to the surface for maintenance within 1 hr.

Subhub in its transit condition at the surface preparing to be installed on site.

Subsea Manifold on deck of the installation barge which acts as a remote control unit for the Subhub.


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