Investor Ready

QED Naval Limited (“QED”) which is based in Edinburgh seeks equity investment to support the development of the Subhub project through a demonstration stage which is expected to be completed by September 2017.



High Growth Startup Unit

QED Naval is supported by the Scottish Enterprise Startup Unit which help steer the company to achieving high growth set out in their business plan which is having a turnover of £5m in 5 years.

Subhub Proposition

  • Reduces the cost of deployment of tidal turbines by up to 60%. It is a self installing, self aligning platform that uses non specialist support vessel saving over £2m in deployment costs per turbine.
  • It uses a single offshore operation to install an array of tidal turbines over a single tidal cycle over a broad range of wave and tidal conditions having a dramatic impact on deployment rates and hence investors rate of return.
  • Subhub signficantly increases the flow velocity into the turbines which multiplies the power output by as much as 20% increasing the site capacity and making projects more profitable.
  • By making the submersible it is a simple and quick process to recover the system for maintenance bringing about a 3 fold reduction in OPEX.
  • By 2020 it is expected that the tidal industry will contribute £6.1bn to the UK economy.

Market Interest



  • Subhub was nominated by an independent panel of technical experts for the regional finals of the Shell Springboard award.

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The Investment

Investors should approach our Capital Investment partners, Kelvin Capital, or contact us directly asking for the Managing Director, Jeremy Smith.


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